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= must have for your OD Library!
Your Basic OD Library
Organization Development Reader

This is the third book in the Jossey-Bass Reader series, Organization Development: A Jossey-Bass Reader. This collection will introduce the key thinkers and contributors in organization development including Ed Lawler, Peter Senge, Chris Argyris, Richard Hackman, Jay Galbraith, Cooperrider, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Bolman & Deal, Kouzes & Posner, and Ed Schein, among others.

Organization Development

Of interest to students, managers, executives, change agents, and practitioners, Organization Development is a guide to leadership in individual, team, and organizational change. Incorporating discussion of OD ethics into each chapter, author Donald L. Anderson offers thorough discussions of classic OD techniques, as well as up-to-date interventions at all levels. In-depth case studies that follow major content and process chapters allow students to immediately apply what they have learned. In today’s challenging environment of increased globalization, rapidly changing technologies, economic pressures, and expectations in the contemporary workforce, this book is an essential tool.

Promoting a Development Culture in Your Organization: Using Career Development As a Change Agent -- Peggy Simonsen.  One of my favorites.  Very informative and easy read.  Covers the need for a development culture, how to design such a culture, and how to evaluate the process.   see more

First, Break All the Rules, What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently  Based on solid research, the authors explore what makes the difference between the worlds best manager and the rest.  Will challenge your thinking and give you a lot of ideas. see more

Organization Development Basics.  a primer on the broad field of organization development and offers just the right amount of information to create an understanding of the tools, practices, and core skills of the OD practitioner.
The Consultant's Big Book of Organization Development Tools

The Consultant's Big Book of Organization Development Tools provides consultants with tools, interventions, and activities they can use to solve individual, team, and organizational performance problems.

Human Resources Management & Development Handbook  This very heavy  book is a fountain of knowledge (very big book)  This book is informative and authoritative source of a wide range of subjects.  Great reference book.  see more see more
Organization Development: A Practitioner's Guide for OD and HR .  Written by two leading experts in the field, Organization Development describes how OD can be used effectively in today's economy to create organizations that maximize their capability.

Now, Discover Your Strengths  This book expands on the ideas of First Break All The Rules.   What area your talents, strengths, and knowledge?  According to the authors, you need to build your strengths, flying in the face of the old wisdom of closing competency gaps.  

How to Measure HR Management  Everything can be measured, and Jac Fitz-Enz tells you how.  A real jewel will be useful in a world where we are expected to produce results in areas that are hardest to measure.

Human Resources Champions  A great new model of human resources by the HR Guru, David Ulrich.  HR needs to change, and Ulrich again is setting the pace.

Organizational Culture and Leadership  This book by Schein is a classic in the genre of organizational culture.  A bit long but very thorough look at the elements of culture and the role of management

Organizational Culture and Leadership
Management of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources (8th Edition) by Paul Hersey, Ken Blanchard.   A classic of Leadership literature, this informative book gives a history lesson in the development of leadership theories during the 20th century, leading up to Situational Leadership.   One of my personal favorites.  Updated

Bringing Out the Best in People  Aubrey Daniels gives an updated look at Performance Management and how to implement it to get the best out of people.  Well written and user-friendly look, written by a real expert in the field.

Bringing Out The Best In People

Who Moved My Cheese?  This easy-to-read story about how change effects people in different ways.  Entertaining and can be read in about one hour.  You can also order videos and supplementary materials.  

Who Moved My Cheese

Fish!  An easy to read book about how to reposition your people to give 100%.  Based on the story of the famous Pike Street Fish Market in Seattle. book     audio   español

Fish!  A Remarkable way to Improve Morale and Boost Results

The Circle of Innovation  This books by management guru Tom Peters has a full helping of his craziness, and boldly challenges the way we think about business and managers in a world changing at the speed of light.  Entertaining and easy to read, it is sure to make you think twice about your paradigms.

The Circle of Innovation
The Human Capital Edge: 21 People Management Practices Your Company Must Implement (Or Avoid) To Maximize Shareholder Value by Bruce N. Pfau Phd, Ira T. Kay Phd     This book, based on a study of 750 large, publicly traded companies, shows how human capital effects shareholder return.
Best Practices in Organization Development and Change Handbook: Culture, Leadership, Retention, Performance, Consulting - comes with CD Rom that includes tools and resources by Louis Carter, et al 
Truth, Trust, and the Bottom Line 7 Steps to Trust Based Management   This books gives practical models of how to improve your leadership by building trust.  An excellent book... I highly recommend it for simplicity and effectiveness.
Leading Change and/or The Heart of Change by John Kotter.   Leading Change presents us with a simple but effective change management model.  The The Heart of Change brings this to a more personal level.  Click on the books for more information.  Must reads for change management!   



The best Organizational Development books are found here at the odportal.com OD Books area!  Also human resources books and training and development books!


Human Resources Champions  Now, Discover Your Strength

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